Private Gatherings: IMG_1510
MKW offers a number of art & wellness options for Birthdays, Girl/Boy Scout troops, Girls Nights Out, Spa Days and other private group gatherings. Our skilled art staff teach basic skills to create the art project and encourage creativity in a fun filled environment. Our yoga teachers approach Yoga for children and families with a fun atmosphere of respect and compassion to experience breath, mindfulness and relaxation.

Please contact our office staff, to book your party.
(860)886-8562 or via email at
Please make checks payable to Meiklem Kiln Works or MKW.


Booking a Party: We recommend booking your workshop at least one month in advance. Call the studio to reserve your date. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold the date prior to the party.

Duration: 2 hour rental (1.5 hour workshop and 30 minutes for cake and gifts if desired with all projects EXCEPT Bowls,  and Mug-Mania & Desk Organizers. See individual descriptions) Workshops begin promptly at the agreed upon time. Please make sure your guests arrive 10 minutes early.

Participants/ Cost: Minimum of 7, maximum of 20.   $25 per participant includes instruction, materials, firing (if clay)**

Cake & Décor: Party planners are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes early to decorate the art studio if cake and gifts are to be done onsite. The studio has a full size refrigerator for food storage use with 24 hrs advance notice.

Art Materials: The studio takes great care in maintaining safe materials. All of our clay, glazes, and paints are certified lead-free and non-toxic.

Project Pickup: Some projects require some finishing by studio professionals. The studio will call when projects are ready for pickup. Please allow 3-4 weeks for all clay related projects.

Additional info: If you have a class in mind that you do not see listed in our art or wellness options, please contact us. We will always try to cater to individual needs whenever possible.

Gift Shop: The Gift Shop is adjacent to the Art Studio. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult in the Gift Shop.

**See special pricing for Kids Yoga and Yoga for the Whole Family under Wellness class descriptions.

Art Options:

IMG_8241“Bowl-Me-Over” Basic Hand building with clay
Ages 6-and up
We will use pre-made bowl forms, flip them upside down and attach coils, balls and slabs of clay to create a unique bowl. The design will be completely blended with our fingers on the outside of the bowl and then we will add a foot-ring. When we un-mold our bowls our beautiful design will be revealed on the inside of the bowl!   Participants may choose a glaze color and the studio will dip their piece for them. Projects may be picked up 3-4 weeks after the workshop. *This project will take up the entire 2 hour rental.




IMG_3795“Swirled Paper Paintings”
Ages 6 and up

Using simple techniques with water and Japanese inks, children will watch a demonstration of how to create an array of swirled ink designs and print them on paper. This process of creating intricate and beautiful designs is fun and mesmerizing for all ages! Each participant will have 8 individual papers to paint. The results can then be used to create cards, wall art, collage or paper weavings at home! Projects can be brought home the same day, they will be wet but the paint will be set.



Clay Ladybugs“Just Buggy”: Clay Ladybugs
Ages 6 and up
Who doesn’t love a ladybug? In this fun and easy clay class students will learn the basics of how the first pots were made by hand with the pinch pot technique. We will then assemble the various pinch pots to create an adorable set of 2 ladybugs. Participants can choose to make a large and small version as an adult and child pair or two of the same sized bugs. After the bugs are created they will be decorated with paint, and who says ladybugs have to be red! Projects may be picked up 3-4 weeks after the workshop.





IMG_8242 Toad Stools
Ages 6 & up
Learn the pinch pot method of construction as you create three whimsical Toad Stools. Once you are finished creating the tops of your mushrooms you can enjoy painting them with colorful underglazes. Your Toad Stools will be ready to pickup in 2-3 weeks. Adorn your garden, window box or house plant with these colorful sculptures.




“Crazy Collage”IMG_20150302_192556
Ages 6 and up
Participants will be guided through a demonstration of collage to then design and create their own unique collage. A wide array of materials will be available from decorative paper, stamps, magazines, colored paper, cardstock, markers, pencils and more. All ages have a ball in this fun and inspiring art class that allows for individual expression in 2D art.




page 9 abstract paintingAbstract Painting

Ages 8 and up

Let yourself see the world through color and pattern. Our friendly art staff will guide participants to find their own inspiration for their masterpiece using acrylic paints on canvas board. This is an easygoing exploration of painting and design which allows each participant to create one of a kind works of art emphasizing fun first.



IMG_2515Clay Cupcake Containers
Ages 8 and up
Each participant will learn how to create a unique clay cupcake container out of clay with pinch pot techniques. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own creative ideas for the appearance of their cupcakes and then have the opportunity to paint them. The studio will contact the party organizer when pieces are ready for pickup in 3-4 weeks. *This project will take up the entire 2 hour rental.





Ages 8 and up
Zentangle® is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. Students will learn several “tangles” (patterns) and combine them in their own unique way. This project can be taken home the day of the party. Taught by Carol Dunn, Certified Zentangle® Teacher.





Clay Flowers
Ages 8 & up
Bring a little Spring into your day with these adorable clay flower sculptures. Learn to create different petals as you build up to 3 different flowers and then paint them with underglazes! We will call you in 2-3 weeks when your flowers are ready for pickup. These are beautiful to decorate indoor house plants too!


page 4 mugsMug-Mania: Hand building Clay Mugs
Ages 10 and up
Each participant will develop some ideas for creating a clay mug and decorating it with stamped and raised design elements. We will discuss building our mugs using pinch pot, coil or slab techniques, decorate them and attach handles. Participants will choose from a variety of glaze colors and we will dip their mug for them and call when it is ready to be picked up in 3-4 weeks. *This project will take the entire 2 hour rental.



 IMG_8243Desk Organizers
Ages 10 & up
Clean up your countertops, your coffee tables or your desk with these unique 3 part organizers! These are great for storing remote controls, pens, pencils or other small items. We will use slabs to construct and then you can use stamps and texture tools to create impressed designs prior to assembly. Choose a color and our studio staff will glaze your project for you and we will call you in 2-3 weeks when they are ready for pickup! This project will take the entire 2 hr rental.



Wellness Options

IMG_2254Yoga for Kids
Ages 8 and up
$10 per person
Yoga is a great way to introduce children to methods of relaxation, movement, flexibility, coordination and balance. Yoga for Kids uses a combination of demonstration, games, music and partner poses that create a fun atmosphere for kids. Studio provides mats, and props for use during the party.



family yoga 3Yoga for the Whole Family
Families & children ages 5 +
$16 per pair for families
Explore yoga with your family through group and partner poses that emphasize fun and communication. As children mimic the world around them, yoga helps kids’ physical and neurological development, while at the same time teaching them fun ways to cultivate creative spirits. Learn how movement and breath create a stronger bond and connect families in a dynamic environment that nurtures us as individuals and as a collective whole.



IMG_5884Yoga for All Levels
Youth and Adults ages 15+   $10 per person  60-75min class
Explore yoga through a fun and easy approach to breathing techniques, basic postures, mindfulness and meditation in an atmosphere of friendship. A dialog between the party planner and yoga teacher at time of booking will assist us to meet the ages and needs of your individual group. You can also request a specific yoga instructor based on their availability. This class can include balance poses, restorative yoga, meditation, core strengthening and partner poses depending on the group.